Team Valence

Meet the visionary minds propelling VALENCE into the future. Our innovative team, comprised of seasoned automotive experts, design virtuosos, and sustainability champions, collaborates seamlessly to craft an electric driving experience that transcends boundaries. Fueled by passion and driven by a commitment to excellence, each member brings a unique expertise, converging to shape the forefront of automotive innovation and redefine the road ahead.

Jonathan Lilley

The driving force behind VALENCE, Jonathan combines a wealth Mechanical Engineering experience with a fervent dedication to sustainable innovation. With a visionary mindset and a keen eye for design, Jonathan leads the charge in revolutionising electric mobility. His strategic leadership steers VALENCE ensuring high-performance meets eco-conscious elegance. Under his guidance, VALENCE emerges as more than an electric car; it's a testament to shaping the future of clean, exhilarating transportation.


Commercial Director Cameron Gardiner

As the Commercial Director of VALENCE, Cameron Gardiner is at the helm of our business strategy, driving the vision of sustainable mobility forward. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and a commitment to environmental responsibility, Cameron ensures that VALENCE not only pioneers high-performance electric vehicles but also leads the charge in eco-friendly transportation solutions. His strategic acumen and passion for a greener future make him an integral part of the leadership team.


Creative Director
David Bell

David Bell is the artistic visionary shaping the soul of our electric revolution. With a passion for avant-garde design and a keen sense of aesthetic innovation, David brings the spirit of the iconic into the electric era. His creative prowess transforms VALENCE into a symphony of style and substance, fusing classic inspiration with cutting-edge sustainability. Under David's artistic guidance, every line, curve, and detail in VALENCE reflects a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and forward-thinking eco-consciousness.


Legal Advisor
Michael Coleman

As Valences' legal advisor, Martin ensures the company's compliance with laws and regulations while supporting its growth initiatives. With expertise in corporate law and regulatory compliance, he provides guidance on contracts, intellectual property, and strategic partnerships. His role includes advising on mergers and acquisitions to drive expansion while staying updated on industry regulations. Working closely with the executive team, he mitigates legal risks and protects the company's interests. His aim is to facilitate Valences' mission of transforming classic vehicles into electric marvels by offering strategic legal counsel and fostering innovation.

Martin Becker
Workshop Manager

Complete with a Master's Degree in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Martin’s academic journey has equipped him with comprehensive knowledge in combustion and electric engines, factory planning, software calibration, and electrical systems – all of which align seamlessly with the skill set required for a role as Workshop Lead.  Overseeing the operations at Valence Martin is committed to pushing the boundaries and refining technologies to achieve automotive excellence. Joining the Valence team is not just be a career move for Martin, it fulfils an opportunity to be at the forefront of automotive innovation and contribute to the perfection of electric vehicles.

Design Engineer
Liam Watson

Liam, a recent Curtin University graduate and former Curtin Motorsport Team (CMT) member, joined Valence excitedly through a CMT connection. With a passion for automotive engineering, Liam contributes a unique blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience. Liam specialises in Engine Mount Design, Chassis Design, and Brackets / Mounting systems development. His academic foundation at Curtin and practical exposure at CMT have equipped him with a deep understanding of these areas. As part of Valence, Liam is eager to leverage his expertise to drive advancements in electric vehicles and sustainable automotive solutions.

Automotive Technician
Eden Jay Hughes

Eden, a licensed A Grade Electrician, possesses a profound passion for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Beyond his electrical expertise, he excels in handling High Voltage Electrical Circuits while staying current with safety requirements. Eden's hands-on involvement includes designing and constructing and through his own personal experience; utilising Engineering Design software, collaborating welding and fabrication skills and experience. His unique set of Electrical HV and fabrication skills, coupled with extensive High Voltage experience, positions Eden as a valuable asset at the crossroads of EV Conversions.

Junior Automotive Technician Brodie Davison

Brodie is a 3rd year Mechatronics & Computer Science student studying at Curtin University. "I fell in love with the magic of making Silicon do cool things when I started programming and have been engrossed ever since. After far too many hours staring at a screen, I've come to enjoy the link between Silicon and the real world more and more and became involved in FPV drones amongst other robotics of late. It's always a thrill having pure code come to life and claw its way out of the Silicon, what better a way to do that than by giving cars a new life!". Brodie is using his skills to develop control boards for our vehicles.

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